Old Orchard Inn
The Last of the Great Escapes!


Special Events Menu


Old Orchard Mornings

(Available 11am ‘til 2pm)

        Family Style Brunch
               (30 GUEST MINIMUM)    $17 


  • Scrambled Eggs or Quiche
  • Sausage or Ham
  • Chicken Ala King or Chicken Pot Pie

French Toast ~ Fresh Seasonal Fruit Cup
Breakfast Potato
Coffee or Tea  

* * * * *
Old Orchard Luncheons

Family Style Luncheon

Entrees (Choose Two)

Baked Tavern Ham - Roasted Pork Loin
Chicken Ala King (available May thru December) - Chicken Pot Pie - Chicken Asiago-Vegetable Pasta Primavera – Quiche, Chicken Fricassee

Includes:  Mixed Green Salad, Bread Selection, Vegetable, Coffee or Tea, and Ice Cream with Topping

Luncheon Favorite!
 (10 person minimum, 30 person maximum)

Our Famous Chicken Pot Pie                        $15
Includes: Vegetable, Bread and Butter, Garden Salad and Coffee or Tea

Individually Served Luncheons
(20 persons minimum; Maximum 2 selections)
(pre-order required)

Manicotti                                                      $15
Homemade crepes stuffed with seasoned ricotta topped with marinara & smothered with melted Italian cheeses.

  Chicken Ala King                                        $14
   Chicken Breast, bell peppers & mushrooms in a rich cream sauce served over flakey pastry crowns with vegetables.

  Chicken Caesar Salad                                $15
   Tender Chicken Breast Served atop a half heart of fresh Romaine Lettuce with home-made Caesar Dressing

     Chicken Francaise                                     $15
    Pan Fried Chicken Breast coated in egg, parmesan, lemon & parsley, served with a lemon, shallot & white wine caper sauce.

  Tournedo Beef Filets                                  $20
   Tender Filet Medallions grilled to perfection, enhanced with a rich red wine demi-glaze & served with vegetables.

  Apple Chicken Salad      $14
   Mixed greens, grilled chicken breast, craisins, toasted walnuts, & Gorgonzola cheese served with Gorgonzola Vinaigrette dressing.

     Tortellini Primavera                                       $14
   Cheese Tortellini and fresh sautéed seasoned vegetables tossed in a flavorful herb butter sauce

Macadamia Tilapia                        $15
Crusted in Crushed Macadamia Nuts with a Warm Berry Drizzle.

Includes: Bread, Garden Salad and Coffee or Tea

* * * * *

Old Orchard Dinners

Family Style Dinner
(30 GUEST MINIMUM)  $24 each

Includes:  Mixed Green Salad, Potato & Vegetable, Coffee or Tea, and Ice Cream with Topping

Entrees (Choose Two)

Baked Tavern Ham - Roast Pork Loin
Chicken Pot Pie – Chicken Asiago – Grilled Salmon –
 Chicken Fricassee-Chicken Francaise-
Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia-Tortellini Primavera
Sliced Tenderloin of Beef  $6 more

Individually Served Dinners
(20 persons minimum; Maximum 2 selections)
(50+ Guests, three selections maximum)
(pre-order required)

Manicotti                                                          $20
Homemade crepes stuffed with seasoned ricotta topped with tomato sauce  & smothered with melted Italian cheeses & served with a homemade meatball.

  Chicken Asiago       $22
   Tender Chicken Breast stuffed with Asiago cheese and roasted pepper served with a roasted red pepper cream

   Mediterrenean Chicken                              $24
   Tender Airline chicken breast stuffed with a mixture of spinach, goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes with a roasted red pepper cream    sauce.

  Cheese Tortellini Primavera                      $19
   Cheese Tortellini and fresh sautéed seasoned vegetables tossed in a flavorful herb butter sauce.

  Sliced Tenderloin of Beef        $32
   Sliced of the finest cut of beef smothered in a rich mushroom and marsala wine demiglace.

  New York Strip Steak        $36
   Thick center cut charbroiled to perfection.

   Bacon Wrapped Pork Filet $24
   Served with a Bourbon Apple Butter

  Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia $22
   Crusted in Crushed Macadamia Nuts with a Warm Berry Drizzle.

Includes: Bread Selection, Vegetable, Potato, Garden Salad and Coffee or Tea

**Ask us about our Duel Entrees**

* * * * *

Stations or Cocktail Parties

$28 each

Package Includes:                               PASSED HORS D’OEUVRES
(Choose three regular OR one deluxe)


Family Table Choices:    (One from each row)

      1)     Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Asiago, Chicken Francaise
2)     Baked Penne w/ Mozzarella, Tortellini with a Blush Sauce, or Vegetable Pasta Primavera
3)     Zucchini and yellow squash, Twice Baked Mashed Potato, Roasted Red New Potato


Additional Enhancements
(Priced per person)

Chef Attended Specialty Stations*


ASIAN STIRFRY STATION                        $12

PASTA FRESCO STATION                      $10


*These stations create quite a show as guests choose from a display of various ingredients and our Chef prepares their individual dishes right before their eyes!                                                                         Experience Fresh!

Includes rolls and appropriate condiments or sauces

Roast Turkey $5 Roast Beef $6      Baked Ham $4

Pork loin $5        Prime Rib $10    

Stuffed Pork loin Rolla tine $7 Beef Tenderloin $12

SEAFOOD RAW BAR                   Market Priced

Old Orchard Desserts
Mini Lemon Angel                      $3.00
    Our signature dessert

Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Topping   $3.00

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $125/ 50pcs  

* * * * *  
Old Orchard Starters

*The Hors d'oeuvre’s List*
(Priced per30 pieces)

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bites    $45
Chicken 'n Waffles    $45
Goat Cheese & Watermelon    $45
Tomato, Basil, and Onion Bruschetta    $40
Pineapple & Cream Cheese Crostini    $45
Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls    $60
Parmesan Caesar Crisps    $60
Bacon Wrapped Scallops with BBQ Sauce    $60
Mini Maryland Crab Cakes    $60
Assorted Bruschetta on Crustini    $60
(chef's choice)
Stuffed Mushrooms    $45
Chicken Quesadillas with Sour Cream    $45
Cheese Quesadillas with Pico de Gallo    $40

Deluxe Hors d’oeuvre’s
(Priced per 30 pieces)

Shrimp Cucumber &Cream CheeseCocktail $70  
Wonton Sashimi Tuna Tacos $80
Beef Bacon and Cheese Rollovers $75  
Caprese Skewers $75


Hors d’oeuvres Displays

Baked Brie En Croute with Fresh Fruit                                                 $85
*Fine brie wrapped in puff pastry and baked.
 Served with an assortment of fresh fruit. $85

SHRIMP COCKTAIL    50pc                                          $125 


MEDITERRANEAN TAPAS BAR-                                      $5


Artisan Style Pizza $90
(Pick three Varieties)

*Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Pizza
*Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
*Italian White Pizza with Sausage
*Three Cheese Pizza
*Greek Pizza
*Chicken, Spinach, Artichoke and Roasted Red Pepper,w/ Garlic and Olive Oil
*Steak and Spinach
*Veggie Pizza
*BBQ Ham and Pineapple

* * * * *

Beverage Options

   Punches (Served by the Gallon)

   Fruit – 40.00   Hot Berry – 40 00 
   Sparkling Grape Juice -40.00 - Wine - 55.00 
   Strawberry Daiquiri – 55.00   Champagne - 65.00

Cocktail Hour:
(50.00 Service Charge Applies for under 50 guests)

House Brand: Mixers~ Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, Peach Schnapps, Sweet & Dry Vermouth ~ Bottled Beer ~Merlot and Chardonnay.

Premium Brands
Mixers ~ Black Velvet, Smirnoff, Seagram’s Gin, Johnny Walker Red, Early Times Bourbon, Bacardi, Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, Sweet and Dry Vermouth, Bottled Beer ~ Chardonnay and Merlot

House Brands                 Premium Brands

1 Hour $14                      1 Hour $18
2 Hour $16                      2 Hour $20
3 Hour $17                      3 Hour $22
 Hour $18                      4 Hour $24

Wine, Beer and Soda Package
(Minimum of Forty)

I Hour $9              2 Hour $11
3 Hour $12             4 Hour $13

Minimums and Room Deposits Required
Please call for details

Prices are subject to change.

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